Render after Softwash
Dirty Render
Render Cleaned of AlgaeRemoval of Algae from Render

Soft Washing of Render

SoftWash of Render

Large buildings for many years have had Different Render Surfaces. Rendering is used as a Protective and Decorative finish, which is painted to any Colour. The Rendered walls are exposed to Pollution from traffic, Power Stations, Agriculture and many other sources. Along with Pollution, Biological Growth can adversely affect the appearance. Algae can grow on the surface using the Paint as a food source and moisture in the air.

When driving around notice the dirty black and multicoloured walls to buildings especially north and northeast facing walls and those hidden from the sun.

The Render Manufacturers have always told Building Owners not to pressure wash as it can damage the render paint.  To repaint a Render costs a lot, think of the scaffolding, washing and cost of paint.

The alternative is to Low-Pressure Soft Wash. Soft Wash is a Chemical Clean. We use a 1-3% Sodium Hypochlorite with the addition of Cleverwash, a buffered surfactant and fragrance changer.

Large buildings can be Soft Washed from a Mobile Access Platform, Tower Scaffold, Ladders. Low-Pressure Wash and a final treatment with SoftWash.

Softwashing gives Tremendous Cost Savings Over Painting. 

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