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Moss - The Facts

There are many benefits for cleaning and repairing your roof, apart from the aesthetic benefit, many structural and serious reasons for removing the build-up of growths from your roof.  

  1. Moss, algae and lichens naturally absorb and retain water increasing the load especially during wet periods and snowfall. Drainage of the roof is impaired. Loose moss will be transported during heavy rain and possibly block gutters.
  2. Weight on the roof increases, one cubic metre of water (1000 litres) weighs one tonne this puts undue stress on the roof and supporting structures.
  3. Damp structures including battens and roof timbers under increasing loads will warp and distort. This is evident and can be clearly seen in some roofs.
  4. Wet roof tile eventually becomes porous.
  5. Wet roof tiles are prone to frost damage.
  6. Ridge tiles can lift and even fall if mortar splinters and breaks due to frost damage.
  7. Roof tiles, ridge, hip and bonnet tiles can dislodge.
  8. Damp roof structures are prone to secondary damage from fungal growths, rots and insect infestation.
Water penetration can lead to serious future damage.
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